Filling in the Missing Mills on the SPOOM Mid Atlantic Map

Mills in the mid-atlantic

The SPOOM Mid Atlantic Historic Mills Map pinpoints 4,000 mills, mill sites, and ruins in the states of Pennsylvania (2,985) Virginia (508), Maryland (503), Delaware (101), and the District of Columbia (5).  Included in the data are the latitude and longitude of the mill or mill site, the name of the mill, and the source of the information.  If you’re interested in visiting any of the sites, you can easily sort the online data by state, region, county, or town/city.

Since mills were once commonplace in the Mid-Atlantic region (not unlike today’s Seven-Elevens, where it seems there’s one around every corner), it’s not unusual to stumble upon one that has not yet made it onto the map.  If you do happen to come across one of these unmapped mills, please be sure to let SPOOM Mid Atlantic know of its whereabouts!  You can use the Mill Survey Form to report the address and map/GPS coordinates (where known). If possible, also provide the name of the mill, the”type”(whether grist, flour, saw, textile, or other); the power supply (water wheel, wind, electric, or other); and the condition of the mill. This information will be used to update the SPOOM Mid Atlantic’s mill records and uploaded to the Google Fusion Tables. Refer to the organization’s website for additional information on the SPOOM mill lists

Happy mill sleuthing!


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